Sterling Pipework provides a wide range of services related to the pipework industry.


The company specialises in Stainless Steel pipework fabrication services, though undertake a full range of pipework services.

Stainless Steel Pipework

  • Coded Welding to AMSE IX & BSEN 15614-1 in various diameters and wall thickness
  • Water Treatment Pipework
  • Process Pipework
  • Hygienic Pipework and CIP Systems
  • Pump Skid bases, Platforms & Staircases
  • Pressure Vessel and Tank Fabrication. Hot Wells, CIP, Storage ECT

Coded Welding

Third Party Approved – Weld Procedures to ASME IX & BSEN 15614-1

Third Party Approved – Welder Approvals ASME XI & BSEN 960

Material 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Disimilar and Inconel. 1 Meter diameter/ wall thickness up to 22mm.

Welding Processes. MMA, TIG. MIG and Flux Core.

Pipework Systems

Copper, Plastic, (ABS, PVC) PTFE Lined, Screwed and Jacketed Pipework.

Pipework Fabrication

Workshop Facilities. Separated units for Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Fabrication.

Mechanical Pipework

  • Coded Welding to ASME IX & BSEN 15614-1 in various diameters and wall thickness
  • High Pressure Steam
  • Boiler Pipe Work
  • Gas, Condensate, Air & Water
  • Refrigerant, Ammonia and Glycol

Full Design Services

  • Site survey
  • General Arrangement drawings
  • P&ID and isometric drawings

Flow Measurement

Meters, Sensors & Transmitters.

Pressure Measurement

Sensors & Transmitters.

Pressure Testing

Instrumentation & Electrical Installation

Level & Temperature Measurement