Sterling Pipework provides a wide range of services related to the Pipework Industry.

The company specialises in Stainless Steel pipework fabrication services, though undertake a full range of pipework services.

Design Capabilities

Full design service including:

  • Site survey
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • P&ID and Isometric Drawings

Stainless Steel Pipework

  • Coded Welding to BSEN 287 in various diameters and wall thickness.
  • Water Treatment Pipework,
  • Process Pipework,
  • Hygienic Pipework and CIP Systems.
  • Pump Skid bases, Platforms & Staircases.
  • Pressure Vessel and Tank Fabrication. Hot Wells, CIP, Storage ECT

Mechanical Pipework

  • Coded Welding to ASME & BSEN 287 in various diameters and wall thickness.
  • High Pressure Steam
  • Boiler Installations
  • Gas, Condensate, Air & Water.
  • Refrigerant, Ammonia and Glycol

Pipework Systems

Copper, Plastic, (ABS, PVC) PTFE Lined, Screwed and Jacketed Pipework.

Coded Welding

  • Weld Procedures to ASME & BSEN 15614 & 288
  • Weld Certificates to BSEN 287
  • Material 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Inconel. All diameters and wall thickness up to 22mm.
  • Welding Processes. MMA, TIG and Flux Cored.

Pipework Fabrication

Workshop. Separated for Stainless Steel Fabrication. Material and lifting facilities. Pressure Testing equipment

Instrumentation & Electrical Installation

Flow measurement: Meters, Sensors & Transmitters

Pressure Measurement: Sensors & Transmitters

Level & Temperature Measurement

Pressure Testing